Accessibility Products

Design your bath and shower for safety and beauty.

By converting your bathtub into a walk-thru shower, you reduce the awkward bathtub barrier–a 14-inch step that sometimes seems like a mountain–to a safe, easy step of a few inches.  The installation gives you comfortable, easy access to your shower area.  Since installation is completed without the mess and demolition of the original bathroom, it saves you thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling.

  • Bathrooms can be the most dangerous room in the house – especially for senior citizens.

    • 25,000 accidents occur in the bath and shower each year
    • Over 70% of home accidents happen in the bathroom
    • Over 75% of slip-fall deaths occur to people 65 years or older
    • 1/3 of the slip-fall accidents to seniors results in serious injury taking away their mobility and independence
  • Why convert your existing bathtub into a Walk-Thru shower?

    • Easy shower access enhances overall safety
    • Saves thousands over conventional remodeling
    • Conversions is completed in a matter of hours
    • Shower is usable within hours
    • Fits most existing bathtubs
    • Reduces stress on the elderly and the attending assistants