Acrylic Liners

The world’s strongest bathtub liner.


  • Never Scrub Your Tub Again

    All bathtub liner systems are far from created equal.  Making an outdated bathroom look like a million bucks has never been so easy or affordable thanks to the new DuraCast bathtub and wall system from BathCrest.  Only BathCrest liners are made from non-porous DuraCast XL Crosslinked Acrylic.  Our acrylic liners won’t mold, won’t mildew, and with a 100% non-porous surface, there is no place for dirt and germs to hide.
  • We’re different.  We’re better. And we can prove it.

    Stronger, thicker Acrylic. Relax and enjoy that nice, l-o-n-g, soothing bath!  Because only BathCrest manufactures tub liners and wall inserts using acrylic that is 400% stronger and 300% thicker than the industry standard, your bath will stay warm, longer and your tub will last you a lifetime.

    Measurably more beautiful.  Only BathCrest uses DuraCast Acrylic.  That’s what gives us a measurable, 12% greater shine than the competition.  That shine reflects the quality of our BathCrest bathtub and wall systems.